Africa World Airlines Booking

Ghana’s Africa World Airlines is a popular airline that has its head office located in the Accra. The main center of airlines is present at the Kotoka International Airport. The airline was established in the year 2010 in the form of a joint product between SAS Finance Group, Hainan Airlines, SSNIT and China Africa Development Fund. The vision present behind the launch of this network is to provide a reliable and affordable flying option to the South African travelers.  The mission statement of Africa World Airlines is to act as the airline of choice by means of service and safety that should be accessible to the consumers at affordable rates.


Africa World Airlines Logo

For achieving the set target airline focuses on exposure to best and comprehensive values of excellence. The prominent qualities, which define Africa World Airlines, are being mentioned below

  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Safety


The fleet of Africa World Airlines includes Embraer ERJ-145 LI


The airlines operates on the following destinations

  • Kotoka International Airport
  • Takoradi Airport
  • Kumasi Airport
  • Tamale Airport
  • Murtala Muhammad International Airport


The policy of Africa World Airlines in terms of baggage is very much clear as the passengers are allowed to carry only one piece of baggage inside cabin plus a small in size personalized item like laptop bags, camera, reading material etc. The weight should not be more than 5 kilogram and must be capable of fitting under the seat. General recommendation is that passenger should travel with soft bags so that these can fit inside overhead bins present under the seats.  The bags which not fit in the under seats will be put on aircraft’s hold and will be given to passengers at the time of disembarkation.

As far as the excess baggage is concerned every passenger is allowed to check in with 1 bag maximum which should not have weight more than 23 kilograms. In accordance with load factor excess weight more than 23 kg will be charged with extra fee. The baggage is handled with extreme care and safety as consumers depend, a lot of the airline. The cargo is provided security at very high level for ensuring that no damage occurs. In case of delayed or lost related issues the passengers are asked to fill a PIR form that will have a reference number. Passengers will be accommodated in the best possible way for this.

Passengers who want to travel with sporting equipment need to inform the authorities that they will be carrying sporting goods. The types of equipment that are acceptable are being mentioned below

  • Bicycles
  • Gold
  • Water Ski
  • Fishing
  • Hockey
  • Surfboard

The equipment which you are carrying must be properly packed in a hard container that is especially for shipping purpose. The airline’s policy dictates that it holds the right to refuse any kind of product that is not packed properly or doesn’t meet security standards.

The Africa World Airlines is one of the best and trustworthy operators of the region, which holds great reputation.

How to contact Africa World Airlines?


Tel:   (233)- (30) 7012024
E-mail: [email protected]
Hotline: (233)-(24) 2438888
Toll Free; 0800-200-200

Kumasi: Tel: 030-297-4918

Tamale: Tel: 030-297-4919

Airport Ticketing Office
Behind Check-In Desk 52
Departure Level
Murtala Muhammed International Airport
Ikeja, Lagos
+234 (1) 342 7130 and +234 (1) 342 7132
Email:[email protected]