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SA Airlink is basically a private airline and has the credit for developing into pioneer network of South Africa which focuses on linking small town, hubs and regional centers. Head office for SA Airlink is present in Gauteng, South Africa. In the year 1997 SA Airlink was included in the Airways of South Africa and the alliance was really strong and compact with lead the development of prominent aviation network in the region of Africa.


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Presently Airlink enjoys the status of being one of the largest independent Airline operating in South Africa. It provides an association to passengers as links are established between small towns, regional centers and cities. Total of 36 regions present in nine countries of Africa are connected and for fleet of best aircrafts is used.

Passenger Capacity

The airline has passenger capacity of approximately 1300000 per year using 44800 missions of flight. Over the past few years economy of country has shown great variations, but this has not produced any kind of influence on the airline’s performing potential. Every year growth is reflected by the service. The passenger profile related to the airline reflects 70 percent business and thirty percent leisure.


This particular airline is member of the IATA that is the International Air Transport Association. It actually supports a variety of regions related to activity of aviation and assists in the formulation of policy of industry related to critical issues of aviation. IATA helps airlines in operating securely, efficiently, economically right under rules that are properly defined. The audits conducted in year 2012 by IATA further provided Airlink a lot of success and it obtained its 4th IATA certification.


The fleet of SA Airlink includes

  • Avro RJ85
  • Embraer ERJ-125
  • Cessna Grand Caravan
  • Embraer ERJ-145


The SA Airlink allows its passengers to carry 20 kg in economy class and 30 kg in business class.

Mission Statement

  • This airline operates in the form of Regional Feeder Airline System that is actually a part of the larger composite Network Airline. The transportation system of airline has the inclusion of the South African Airways and the South African express Airway.
  • Airlink functions in the form of a franchise of the South African Airways utilizing its personalized property.
  • The aim of Airlink is to provide great facilities related to regional transportation to the passengers.
  • For fulfilling its aim of extensive network revolving around a variety of regional capitals the airline works in association with its partners in a convincing people. In addition to this, the Airlink is known for consistently modifying its services for showing compatibility with the demands of customers in a convincing fashion.
  • The professionalism, reliability and customer’s safety is provided extreme importance because these are the factors, which deserve primary attention and consideration.
  • The company gets best returns and outcomes in terms of profit.


The Airlink is a great regional airline network of South Africa it has got all the qualities that should be present inside a quality service provider.

How to contact Airlink?

Head Office (Modderfontein)

Tel. +27 11 451 7300 / 0105903170
Fax. +27 11 451 7367
Email. [email protected]

Travel Agent Help Line. +27 11 451 7350
Customer Care Email. [email protected]
Monday – Friday: 8am – 4.30pm
Address. No.3, Greenstone Hill Office Park, Emerald Boulevard, Greenstone Hill, Modderfontein
PO Box 7529, Bonaero Park, 1622, South Africa

Swaziland Airlink

Tel. +268 233 50100/101/102/103
Email. [email protected]
Monday – Friday: 8am – 4.30pm

Airlink Cargo a division of SA Airlink (Pty) Ltd

Tel. +27 11 978 1060
Fax. +27 11 390 9906
Email. [email protected]

Customer Support Online Bookings Only (SAA)

Tel. 0861 606 606
International Tel. +27 11 978 1111
Daily: 6am – 10pm (GMT +2), including Weekends and Public Holidays

Travel Agents Helpline

Tel. +27 11 451 7350 / 010 590 3200
Fax. +27 11 451 7367
Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 11am