ASKY Airlines Booking

The central office of Asky Airlines is present in Lomé, Togo. This airline was founded as an initiative of the West African governments. Currently the airlines operate in Western and the Central African regions. Asky Airlines has the capacity of connecting flights in different parts of Ethiopia’s Airline. The ASKY holds the status of being a prominent Airline that reflects African appeal and theme. It is one of the companies, which serves to connect different countries of Africa by providing passengers safe and effective option related to travelling.


ASKY Airlines Logo


  • The creation of newer transport routes among states in the area between businesses.
  • The airline aims to act as a connecting link between African countries at safe and affordable rates.
  • Different connections are facilitated by means of wider network and flight punctuality.
  • It also shows great contribution towards the intra-African tourism development.


The strategic partner of ASKY is Ethiopian Airlines and it is the technical associate. The Ethiopian Airlines is responsible for the management of ASKY during its initial five years.


Travellers can collect or register their boarding cards at airports present in the countries where ASKY operates. All that the passengers need to do is to present their passport and the staff present at the airport will then handle everything. Passengers are provided police record that should be filled and submitted on immigration counter prior to accessing boarding areas or shopping area (tax-free).

The check in time should be given the utmost priority. Normally the time is 45 minutes before the takeoff time that has been allotted to the airline. The interesting point to mention here is that Business Class passengers can take benefit from many opportunities for relaxing, unwinding and entertainment. The focus is to provide maximum level of comfort to the travellers.

In flight services

Space and comfort are the two most important factors, which are given extreme priority at ASKY.

Business class

Seats are 60 centimeter wide and passengers can ask for the following

  • Personalized service
  • Wool blanket
  • Pillow

For ensuring privacy, the personal space of passengers is provided extreme protection. Reading material in the form of newspapers and magazine is very much available for providing on board entertainment.

ECO class

The passengers of ECO class are also subjected to great care and attention. The seats have been designed to provide proper comfort and crew always listens to the calls of passengers without any delay. In accordance with flight’s length, ASKY delivers food and drink showing compatibility with every moment like lunch, breakfast, dinner etc.

ASKY also takes care of specialized meals related requirements of its passengers because of this reason passengers need to mention their preference to travel agency beforehand.


The fleet of Asky Airlines includes the following

  • Boeing 737-700
  • Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
  • Boeing 737-800

Baggage allowance

Passengers are allowed to carry 10 kilograms handbag. Policy related to baggage is extremely strict and any additional weight is subjected to extra fee, which passengers will have to pay if they wish to travel with the bags.

How to contact ASKY Airlines?

1, Avenue Georges Pompidou, Immeuble TABA, Face Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Togo, Lomé TOGO
Tél.: +228 22 23 05 05
Email: [email protected]

BP: 2988 Lomé-TOGO
Tél.: (228) 22 23 05 10
Fax.: (228) 22 20 89 00
Email: [email protected]