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The Camair Co Airlines has its origins in Cameroon and serves as the standard airline of country. This was the role, which was earlier played by Cameroon Airlines. The headquarters for airline are present in Douala and its operations are carried out at the Doubala International Airport. The airline was established in the year 2006 by the consent of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya with the aim of taking place of Cameroon Airlines.


Camair-Co Logo

The company specializes in air transportation and was originally established in the year 2006 and sole shareholder was State from Cameroon. It falls under guardianship of the Ministry of Transport and France’s Financial Ministry and includes

  • General Assembly that is headed by Minister of Finance
  • There is General Directorate Headed by the Mr. ERNEST DIKOUM

The company has its origins in the region of Douala and currently has more than 700 employees and experts that belong to different countries of the world. The official operations were initiated during the March of year 2011.


The fleet for Camair Co Airlines includes the following types of aircrafts

  • Boing 737-700
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 767-300ER
  • Xian Ma60-600

Baggage allowance

Passengers are allowed to carry 25 kg luggage in standard form. Additional weight will have extra charges.

Vision and values

  • The airline aims to become a leading air transporter of the region that connects Atlantic Africa with other parts of the globe. The focus is upon
  • Growing a dependable airline that should have passion for excellence and innovation and gives a lot of importance to the demands and requirements of customers
  • The Camair Co Airlines wants to become sustainable so that cultures and people can be linked in a convincing fashion.
  • The growth of a safe airline that must be equipped with world class standards for maintenance and training.

At the Camair Co Airlines Safety is given extreme importance and value because we want to ensure that people get the best treatment for their invested money.


For domestic flights the business class passengers are allowed to carry 10 kg of cabin baggage plus they are also entitled to laptop, accessory bag or camera. Total weight should not be more than 12 kilograms. For the checked baggage allowance for passengers is 2 bags and each one of them should not weight more than 20 kilograms.

The passengers of economy class are allowed to carry 10 kg of Cabin Baggage plus the passengers can also carry laptop, camera or accessory bags. Again the limitation is that total weight should not be more than 12 kg.  Checked baggage allowance is 30 kilograms and baggage wedging more than this will be subjected to additional charges. These limitations hold for domestic flights. For more details related to regional flights and baggage allowance customers can visit the official website complete information is provided there.


The Camair Co Airlines is a decent regional flying service provider that maintains high standards for bringing people closer. The airline is also a cost effective solution for the majority.

How to contact Camair Co?


TEL: (00237) 233 42 20 10 / 233 42 20 13

FAX: 233 42 20 30 / 233 42 30 15 / 233 42 29 80 / 233 42 29 85

Avenue du Général De Gaulle – Bonanjo

BP 4852 Douala-Cameroun

STANDARD:  (00237) 233 50 55 55 / 233 50 55 56


WEB TEAM: [email protected]


CALL CENTER:  (00237) 233 50 55 00 / 233 50 55 50


CUSTOMER SERVICE:  (00237) 233 50 55 24

MAIL: [email protected]


CARGO SERVICE: (00237) 233 50 55 41

Douala : 679 51 45 24 / 679 52 84 48

Yaoundé : 679 51 45 27 / 679 51 45 29

Garoua : 679 51 74 70

Maroua : 679 50 09 54

MAIL: [email protected]


Murtala Muhammed International Airport

2nd floor, Room 2028, Lagos.

Tel : +234 1 2912025

Official opening hours:

Monday – Friday : 8.30 am – 5.00 pm