Comair Booking

The Comair is a popular airline that is located in the South African region and operates on routes like British Airways. It is particularly known for operating in the form of low cost carriers. The South Africa is actually made up of a number of countries exhibiting diverse range and quality. It provides unique experiences related to business and leisure. The Airways is also known for providing flights towards Southern Africa and beyond orders to all prominent destinations of the world like Mauritius and Namibia.


Comair Logo

The British Airways is more dedicated and focuses upon providing best services and customer benefits to its passengers because the company wants to become a quality service provider in a convincing fashion. The fact of matter is that every South African country contains a variety of opportunities related to travel, culture and business. There is a stronger network of routes present inside South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Namibia and British Airways makes it possible for its customers to take complete benefit from the situation.

Flight Schedule

Complete information related to the flight schedule and other specifications is mentioned on the official website of the network. You can visit the site for getting all the necessary information. One can also select destination from where you will depart and areas where you want to go.  It should be noted here that visa requirements for every destination are also present and one needs to stick with them completely. Health as well as medical limitations is also present so it is crucial that passengers should have taken the vaccination that has been termed as necessary for flying.


It includes 26 Boeing aircrafts that are being mentioned below

  • B737-300
  • B737-800
  • B737-400


The Baggage allowance for British Airways Comair is 90 x75x43 centimeters (for the bag). The carryon baggage facility is one hand bag that should not weight more than 7 kilogram. Coming towards the checked in baggage allowance it should be mentioned here that free allowance is subjected to all portions of connecting flights to areas present in the region of South Africa.  Passengers travelling inside economy class can carry 23 kg and those belonging to business class can carry 32 kg. In case you wish to carry more than that then it will be subjected to additional fee. The rules and regulations are mentioned at the official website for your convenience.

Check in

The passengers with their reference number have the facility of online check in 24 hours prior to the departure time of flight, but no delay more than two hours before departure is permitted. One can also utilize the self-service Kiosks at airport for checking in and printing of boarding passes.

In case passengers with special conditions or disabilities wish to travel then they will have to inform the airline 24 hours before departure so that proper facilities and care can be arranged. The call center for the domestic help has been set up you can get in touch with people sitting there.

How to contact Comair?

Head Office

Telephone Number:
+27 (0) 11 921 0111

Physical Address:
1 Marignane Drive
Bonaero Park
South Africa

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 7015
Bonaero Park
South Africa

Customer Relations:
[email protected]