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Nile Air is an international airline service, that has its base of operations at the Cairo International Airport in Egypt. On the 1st of November 2009, Nile Airways was granted its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), by the Aviation authority in Egypt. However, it did not commence operation until August, 2010, when it began to operate a lease contract with another airline service (Libyan Arab Airlines).


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Nile air eventually was able to commence its scheduled services in 2011 (March to be precise), when it began its flight launch to Saudi Arabia. Prior to this time though, it became the first private airline in the whole of Egypt, to announce its flight schedules and availability on the Global Distribution System, this it did in January 2011.

Flight Routes and Number of Fleet

Nile air is actually quite limited in terms of its flight range. It focuses its services on local destinations within Egypt and the Middle East. However, it also services Africa, Southern Europe and the Arabian gulf. More precisely, the destinations serviced are; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait and Sudan.

The fleet size of Nile Air is actually quite small, compared to EgyptAir and other bigger airlines. Its fleet is currently made up of 5 Airbus A320-200 and 1 Airbus A321-200, that can accommodate a total of 164 and 204 passengers respectively. The average age of the fleet is about 9.2 years, which is actually very good and offers a level of assurance that the planes are most likely still in good conditions, to ply the air safely. However, with just 6 aircrafts in the fleet, the limited flight range is actually quite understandable.

Baggage Allowance and Limitations

Just like any other airline service, Nile Air also has a limit when it comes to the amount of baggage allowed in the plane. Basically, for passengers flying in the Economy class, 1 checked bag is allowed alongside one suitcase. The checked bag should not be more than 20kg for every individual and the dimension should not be more than 25 cm X 37 cm X 50 cm. Any Luggage that exceeds these specifications, will attract extra costs (individually for the weight and dimension).

For passengers flying in the business class, the restriction on luggage weight is usually less, but the requirement for the dimension remains the same.

Partnerships and Code Share Agreements

There are no serious codeshare agreements from Nile Air and this may be principally due to the fact that it is a private airline. However, Nile Air is a full member of the African Airlines Association as well as the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Nile air joined these associations in the year 2013 and has been an active member ever since.

Also, Nile Air is mostly considered as a private airline, but it’s actually a joint stock company. Around 40% of the ownership is held by an individual (Nasser Al Tayyar), who happens to be the former president of a renowned travel agency (Al Tayyar Group), based in Saudi Arabia. The remaining 60% of the Nile Air ownership is held by companies and individuals in Egypt.

How to contact Nile Air?

– Cairo International Airport, Terminal 1
– 4 Obour Buildings Salah Salem St., Cario
– 9 Aswan Square, Mohandseen – Giza – Egypt

Contact Info:
– Inside Egypt 19415
– Outside Egypt (+20) 2 26968000
5 Abd El Hmeed Badway St., Mehattet El Raml, Alexandria.

Contact Info:
(+20) 3 4845861
(+20) 3 4845863
(+20) 3 4845868